Company Law Solicitors

Choosing the right structure for your new business or altering the structure in some way to reflect a new situation or to better cope with the demands of rapid growth requires expert advice and assistance so that you can make the right decision.

You may be thinking of either starting in partnership with other people or moving your business to a partnership to accommodate inward investment.

In these cases this situation must be covered by the appropriate agreements. This may either be a shareholder’s agreement or a partnership agreement which will ensure that everyone is completely clear about their rights and responsibilities/duties in the arrangement going forward.

At Freeman Jones our lawyers not only understand the critical issues associated with these decisions but have also run their own businesses and/or mentored other small high growth businesses.

This highly experienced team can help you in all areas including:

  • Company formations:
    •  Private companies
    •  Public companies
    • LLP’s
  • Altering company share structures
  • Changing articles of association
  • Shareholder’s agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Director’s service agreements

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