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Business Sales Agreements Liverpool and Merseyside

Business Solicitors in Liverpool

Buying or selling a business or assets within a company can be a complicated and daunting task, which can be made even more confusing if you have not set out your objectives and requirements in writing.

Our business solicitors in Liverpool can help guide you through the stages required to sell or purchase a business in a step-by step manner. Our Freeman Jones solicitors are extremely detail-oriented and will take into account your wants and needs before any decisions are made.

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Share Purchase Agreement

  • A share purchase agreement (SPA) is a formal document detailing the terms & conditions and elements relating to the sale and purchase of shares within a company (including the terms which the buyer is willing to buy the company).
  • A share purchase allows the buyer to acquire all the interests and benefits of the business. As the ownership of the whole business passes to the buyer, there is a greater potential for taking on liabilities, which makes having the relevant documentation all the more important.
  • An SPA allows for clarity in relation to the terms & conditions of a sale or purchase of a business. This is essential to minimise the risk of disputes or any uncertainty between the parties involved.
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Asset Purchase Agreement:

  • An asset purchase agreement (APA) is also a legal document, but instead of all interests being transferred, in an asset purchase, the buyer will only buy particular assets of the business.
  • The seller will continue to have ownership of the other assets not included in the asset purchase agreement. This allows the buyer to ‘cherry pick’ the assets they wish to purchase and for the seller to hold on to any assets he wishes to.
  • An APA allows for certainty between the parties as to what assets they will each be responsible for, limiting any confliction that may arise.
  • An APA may deal with aspects such as:
  • Employees
  • Intellectual Property
  • Premises
  • Contracts
  • Warranties
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Our Liverpool business solicitors can help you with your business legal needs

Whenever you need us we are there. Our Liverpool solicitors are excellent at returning your calls and answering your questions. Your satisfaction is our business. Our team of Liverpool solicitors who are approachable and provides the best-tailored legal advice suitable to our client’s needs. Most of all, our clients consistently rate our service as excellent.

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How we can help

Our business solicitors in Liverpool are highly experienced in dealing with all aspects of business relationships and company sales. Our Liverpool solicitors are on hand to help with any guidance you require drafting legal documents, including share purchase agreements and asset purchase agreements.

Our company sales lawyers in Liverpool can talk you through the differences between the agreements and help you to decide which option would provide the most benefit for you or your business. At Freeman Jones Solicitors, we keep our work as time-effective as achievable, as we know how important it is to keep any time-delays to a minimum. We want you to experience the best service possible in order to protect your business requirements and leave you feeling in control of your company assets or in the purchase of a business.

For cost-effective, helpful advice, contact our Liverpool solicitors today and find out how Freeman Jones Legal can help your business. Or call our Liverpool office directly on 0151 268 1898

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