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Will Writing Solicitors Wrexham

Will Writing Wrexham

Our team of experienced Will writing solicitors in Wrexham understands that you will want your Will for many different reasons. It may be that you have a substantial estate and need a tax-efficient Will or it could be that you are concerned about leaving assets within the family. It may even be that you have a small estate but are worried about the impact of care fees.

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Will Prices

  • Level 1 – Straightforward will – cost £180 (including VAT)
  • Level 2 – Multiple legacies – cost £240 (including VAT)
  • Level 3 – Life interest will – cost £325 (including VAT)
    • These wills include trust provisions.  These help protect against factors involving the surviving spouse / civil partner.  The price also includes severing a property joint tenancy and registering this at the HM Land Registry to ensure that the jointly owned property is owned in such a way to allow a half share to pass into a trust on the first death.
  • Level 4 – Complex wills – cost on enquiry.
    • Priced upon your individual requirements.

Other costs

If you are excluding someone from your Will an additional £90 including VAT will be payable to cover the cost of the advice we need to give you on the implications of this.

HM Land Registry Office Copies (if needed) – £10.00 (including VAT) per property.

Can You Contest A Will & How Can Freeman Jones Help?

If a member of your family has sadly passed away and what they have left you in their Will is not exactly what you anticipated or what you need, our team of experts inheritance dispute and probate solicitors in Wrexham could assist you to challenge a will.


The following people can bring a claim in the UK:

  1. A married spouse or civil partner of the deceased;
  2. A child of the deceased (including children under the age of 18);
  3. A divorced spouse or a separate civil partner of the deceased, provided they have not remarried r entered into a new civil partnership with another person;
  4. A person who cohabited with the deceased for a minimum of two years before that person’s death;
  5. Anyone being cared for by the deceased before their death; and
  6. Anyone who is treated as the child of the deceased, including adopted children, fostered children, stepchildren, etc.

What will the court consider as part of the inheritance dispute?

When deciding whether you need extra provision, the court will consider (amongst other things) the follows:-

  1. The financial needs of the person making the claim;
  2. Any responsibilities the deceased person had concerning the person making the claim;
  3. The financial needs of any beneficiary of the estate in question has;
  4. The size of the estate and its content (such as properties and assets);
  5. Any disability (physical or mental) of the person making the claim or of any beneficiary of the estate; and
  6. Any other issues such as the conduct of the person making the claim, or any other person involved in the matter which the court deems to be relevant to the case.

Can You Contest A Will: How do I get started?

If you are considering claims concerning inheritance, our experienced inheritance disputes solicitors in Wrexham will likely be able to assist. To speak to one of our inheritance specialists, please contact us to receive expert advice during a free initial consultation.

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