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And Compromise Agreements by Freeman Jones Solicitors in Warrington

Settlement Agreements Warrington

If your employer or a former employer has offered a Settlement Agreement (which is sometimes otherwise known as a Compromise Agreement) you can make arrangements to speak to one of our expert employment lawyers in Warrington.

We offer a free initial 30-minute consultation during which we can provide advice in relation to the best ways we can provide you with assistance.

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The benefits of accepting Settlement Agreements

There are many different benefits of agreeing to a Settlement Agreement with your employer and terminating your employment. You can speak to our Warrington employment lawyers concerning the various benefits but, in summary, they are as follows:

  • Settlement Agreements are usually a fast and efficient way of obtaining a clean break from your employer and receiving compensation following the termination of your employment;
  • The first £30,000.00 of the compensation you receive as part of the Settlement Agreement is usually paid on a tax-free basis and free of National Insurance contributions;
  • A Settlement Agreement can help you avoid the time and costs associated with a protracted formal complaint or tribunal claim;
  • Usually, you will receive payment in place of notice (PILON), which reflects your full notice period as a lump sum payment without you having to work during that period;
  • An employee can receive the security of obtaining a pre-agreed wording for a future job reference to be provided if they wish.
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The next steps: Settlement Agreements Warrington

So that we can advise you about the draft Settlement Agreement you have received from your employer, please forward it to us and contact us to arrange a free initial consultation one of our experienced and dedicated Settlement Agreement solicitors in Warrington.

We are highly experienced in advising clients about their Settlement Agreements and successfully negotiating terms with their employers.

Our Warrington employment lawyers can provide an efficient and streamlined service to settle your matter within the expected deadlines and/or timeframes whilst also providing you with detailed and realistic advice.

For cost-effective, helpful advice, contact our Warrington solicitors today and find out how Freeman Jones Legal can help you with your settlement agreement. Or call our Warrington office directly on 01925 550 076

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