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Wills Solicitors in Warrington: Freeman Jones

Will Writing Services Warrington

Making a will can often seem daunting and complex but our expert Will writing solicitors in Warrington are here to help and take out all the stress and fear attached.

There is already enough stress and confusion when a loved one has passed without having to deal with the process of probate and estate administration. Let Freeman Jones solicitors take this whole process off your hands and allowing you to rest easy knowing that your dearly departed wishes are being attended to.

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Will Writing Services in Warrington – What are the steps?

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Initial call and discussion with one of expert in our will writing Warrington team
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We will go through your needs and wishes and provide relevant advice
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The drafting of the will
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You will approve the will
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Signing of the will of which we will provide two witnesses so the will is executed properly and is valid
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Storing your will for no extra cost.

Will Writing FAQ's

Of course, if you have any questions along this process you can call our will-writing Warrington team and get all the help and assistance you need to make the right decision.

  • A will is a legally binding document that arranges and provides for what happens to your estate after you die, what happens to your property and belongings, set out funeral wishes and can even appoint guardian to safeguard your children if they are under 18.  

    Our will writing Warrington team can draft, edit, and store your will and provide witness to make sure the will is compliant and valid.  

  • There are many services out there to draft your own will but there is always a risk. While it may be cheaper and less time consuming, there may be something you miss, it may not be valid or witnessed and signed incorrectly.  You will never get that security knowing it was done correctly than you would going to a qualified expert such as our will writing Warrington team.  

    There are many ways that someone after your death could challenge your will and end up distributing your estate against your wishes.  Our will writing services in Warrington will make sure your will is drafted in a way that leaves no room for dispute. 

  • Wills help safeguard your property and assets after you have gone.

    Give your loved ones less stress and strain and contact our solicitors in Warrington to help you draft your will in order to protect your property and ensure your wishes are followed.

    A will can:

    • Provide for your loved ones after you have gone;
    • Establish funeral wishes;
    • Assign guardians for your children if they are under 18;
    • Signify where your money, property, assets, and heirlooms are going and to who.

    We can:

    • Draft the will according to your wishes;
    • Edit or update existing wills;
    • Assess existing wills for validity and compliance;
    • Store the will for no extra cost.
  • he world is in a strange place right now and but our will writing solicitors in Warrington have taken the challenges Covid-19 has brought head on.  

    All consultations and discussions can take place remotely whether it be on the phone or via video call.  

    All documents for signing can also now be done remotely or electronically and without even the need of a computer. A smartphone is all we need.  

    Then when it comes down to the signing and witnessing of the will’s execution, our will writing Warrington team can again sort this all out remotely over a video call.  

    Covid-19 has made many people think ahead and consider a will and we want to make sure we are here to help as best as we can.  

Get in touch

If you are thinking about writing a will or have any questions regarding our services, then do not hesitate to call us. Our Will writing solicitors in Warrington can answer any query or question you might have. So please call us on 01244 506 444 or arrange a free 30-minute consultation.

Our Personalised Will Writing Service Is Empathetic, Professional And Completely Tailored To Your Needs

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