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There’s no better time to get your legal documentation in order?

Once a new business is set up, one of the first things that should be put in place is a portfolio of legal documentation. This portfolio centers on how your business will operate and should also ensure that you protect your business and ensure it is legally compliant where appropriate.

As the years pass and your business starts to evolve, the portfolio you originally put in place may no longer be appropriate or reflect a change of circumstance to your business and so the documentation may need reviewing to ensure your business remains adequately protected.

If your business has these documents in place and you wish for them to be reviewed and/or updated to reflect your business today, our commercial solicitors will be happy to review the same and provide advice if necessary.  This is a relatively inexpensive exercise.

Alternatively, if you are setting up a business and need some advice on legal documentation, or you have an existing business and require advice on putting certain documents in place, we offer low cost legal advice to meet your needs.

We are business solicitors based in Chester and can review and/or produce the following:

  • Shareholder or partnership agreement;
  • Contracts of employments;
  • Rules and procedures dealing with grievances, disciplinary matters;
  • Company policies;
  • Terms of business;
  • Documentation dealing with directors duties and liabilities;
  • Supply of Goods & Service agreements;
  • Personalised articles of association to meet your specific business needs;
  • Share purchase agreement;
  • Any many more

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