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Ending your Civil Partnership

Civil Partnership Dissolution

If you are experiencing difficulties in your relationship and the breakdown of your civil partnership, the family team at Freeman Jones Solicitors can assist you in taking the correct and appropriate steps required to bring your civil partnership to an end.

The process of ending a civil partnership is known as a civil partnership dissolution (as opposed to a divorce) and our family lawyers in Chester are very experienced in dealing with dissolution of civil partnerships.

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Civil Partnership Dissolution

Dissolution of Civil Partnerships and divorce have much in common.

For example, before you can apply to dissolve your civil partnership and bring it to an end, you must have been in the civil partnership for a period of at least one year, the same as married couples when they divorce.

In addition, the dissolution of a civil partnership provides the same financial entitlement and benefits as a spouse who gets divorced from their husband or wife.

Our specialist family lawyers will therefore be able to provide advice as to whether your assets can be considered joint assets and, if so, how they will likely be divided and applied by the court on dissolution. Such assets include (but are not limited to) property, pensions and inheritance.

Just like with divorce proceedings, the dissolution of a civil partnership is completed on paper by the Family Court. There is also the need to deal with financial matters and provision in respect of any children.

If you require additional advice or if you wish to proceed by instructing our a family lawyer to deal with the dissolution of your civil partnership, please contact us in order to arrange a free initial 30-minute consultation.

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