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Resolve your contract disputes

Contract Disputes

In everyday life, we all enter into contractual relationships with other individuals and businesses.

At Freeman Jones Solicitors, we recognise that when a contract goes wrong, this can have a significant impact on your business.

We are aware that it may heavily damage your reputation, create great difficulties in meeting the demands of your customers or clients and even result in a substantial loss of profits that you should have earned.

In the event that you suffer from a breach of contract, it is of paramount importance that you seek expert legal advice. The sooner you can assess your legal standing, the faster you can resolve the issue and receive the compensation or legal judgment which you are owed.

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How can a contractual dispute arise?

Occasionally, a party who has formed a contractual relationship may breach their obligations which can result in requiring the need for experienced contract dispute solicitors. Contractual disputes can arise for many different reasons, including:

  • Breach of contract – a party may have breached a vital condition of the contract which means the purpose of the agreement can no longer be fulfilled.
  • Fraud – a party may have made assurances or agreements which you relied upon and persuaded you into entering the contract but are now clear to have been misrepresentations.
  • Frustration – an uncontrollable and unforeseen event may occur which means that the purpose of the contract cannot be fulfilled, and this has put you and potentially other parties subject to the contract at a loss.
  • Technical understanding – a party may disagree over the meaning of a technical term in the contract which may create problems within the contract and relationship.
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Can Contract Dispute Solicitors Help with Resolution?

In the event of a breach of contract, the party who has suffered a loss or harm as a result can usually claim for many remedies. These include:

  • Damages – this monetary award is designed to put the the injured party back into the position they were before the contract.
  • Injunction – a court can order a party to either perform an action or refrain from performing an action.
  • Specific performance – a party must perform a positive action to rectify an issue.
  • Rescission – a party is allowed to effectively cancel the contract and each party is put back into the position they were before the contract.

If you have any concerns or issues relating to any of these matters, then it can be vital that you receive legal assistance so that your issue is resolved swiftly and without suffering a loss. Why not contact our specialist contract dispute solicitors? We will help guide you in the right direction with our FREE 30 minute consultation.

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