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Personal Legal Services

Here at Freeman Jones Solicitors, we are committed to providing bespoke and affordable legal services that are tailored to your needs and exceed your expectations.

If you require expert legal advice regarding a divorce, family matters, wills and probate, or an employment case, then the solicitors at Freeman Jones are well-equipped to deal with your matter with care and professionalism and ensure that your legal journey is as straightforward as possible. Our Family Law solicitors are efficient and experienced and will provide you with an assurance that your matter will be dealt with properly – this is why we’re one of Chester’s leading law firms.

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Our personal legal services

Exceeding your expectations


  • Divorce Costs

    We understand that divorce can be a draining experience, both physically and financially. However, our team of expert divorce solicitors make it our priority that your divorce is both cost-efficient and that you do not incur unnecessary added costs.

  • Civil Partnership Dissolution

    If you are experiencing difficulties in your relationship and the breakdown of your civil partnership, our family team can assist you in taking the correct and appropriate steps required to bring your civil partnership to an end.

  • Divorce Financial Settlement

    Our divorce financial settlement solicitors have significant expertise in this area and whether your financial situation is simple with very few assets or substantial and complex we have the expertise to help.

  • No-Fault Divorce

    No-Fault Divorce aims to reduce conflict during divorce by taking blame out of the process – and instead focus on more important issues like children, finances and property.

  • Grounds for Divorce

    Our solicitors can help you to get the divorce advice you need on what are considered to be acceptable grounds for divorce.

  • Divorce Process

    Our solicitors can provide specialist legal advice to help guide you through the divorce process. We will work with you step-by-step on all that’s required to be successfully granted a divorce.


  • Settlement Agreements

    Settlement Agreements are commonly offered employees as part of a redundancy arrangement. Our solicitors can ensure that you receive a fair settlement agreement from your employer without having to compromise.

  • Contract Disputes

    In everyday life, we all enter into contractual relationships with other individuals and businesses, we recognise that when a contract goes wrong, this can have a significant impact upon your business.


  • Child Custody

    Child custody (or Residence) is arguably the most sensitive area in any relationship breakdown. Our empathetic and experienced child custody solicitors will help guide you through the many things that are important to consider when applying for a Residence Order.

  • Change of Name

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  • Domestic Violence

    We understand how difficult and daunting it can be to report a domestic violence problem within the home. Our family solicitors will assist you throughout the legal process and can put you in touch with other specialists who can offer support.

  • Cohabitation Agreements

    If you need a Cohabitation Agreement, our specialist solicitors can have a discussion with you and your partner and help you to prepare a comprehensive agreement that sets out each party’s financial obligations now and agree on how assets and liabilities would be divided if you were to split up in the future.

  • Cohabitation Disputes

    Whether you are cohabiting with a partner, family member, or friend, we can provide you with practical, straightforward legal advice to help you to reach an agreement and resolve the dispute amicably.

  • Separation Agreements

    If you are married or in a civil partnership and no longer live together, but as yet do not want to move toward legally ending the marriage, then a separation agreement can help clarify the terms of your separation.

  • Neighbour Disputes

    Whether your dispute is regarding noisy neighbours, boundaries, or blocked access, our neighbour dispute solicitors are dedicated to finding the most suitable and cost effective solution to your situation.

Wills & Probate

  • Writing a Will

    Having a will in place puts you in control of what should happen to your money and property after you die. Our will writing solicitors work on a fixed fee basis when it comes to drafting your will. We provide a complete will writing service and help guide clients through the process step-by-step .

  • Intestacy Rules

    If your loved one has passed away without a valid will, this will trigger intestacy. Our expert Wills solicitors can help guide you through the rules of intestacy and what you need to do.

  • Probate Estate

    Our experienced Probate and Estate Administration solicitors can help deal with the legal and financial aspects of dealing with an estate. We can provide tailored support specific to your needs or a comprehensive Estate Administration service.

  • Lasting Power of Attorney

    Our solicitors offer fixed-priced Lasting Power of Attorney services for individuals and couples, covering Property and Financial Affairs LPA and Health and Welfare LPA.

  • Court of Protection

    Our Court of Protection solicitors can make sure your affairs are all in the right place and fully protected if you are in a vulnerable position where you are unable to make decisions for yourself.

  • Executor Disputes

    If you experiencing problems with an Executor of a Will or need advice on claims of fraud, negligence, or tension between an executor and beneficiaries of a Will, our expert probate team will be happy to assist.

  • Inheritance Dispute Solicitors

    Our Inheritance Dispute Solicitors can help with a variety of disputes and claims that may arise; ranging from disputed, fraudulent or invalid wills to disputes over assets, beneficiaries, estates, and power of attorney.

  • Contesting a Will

    If you are contesting the validity of a will you may not have to go to court but it is advisable to instruct a solicitor to help you settle any potential disputes.

We can advise you on many areas of law, inlcuding:

  • Civil Partnership Dissolution
  • Divorce Financial Settlements
  • No Fault Divorce
  • Neighbour Disputes
  • Change of Name
  • Inestacy Rules
  • Writing a Will
  • Child Custody

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