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Resolve disputes amicably and professionally with our neighbour dispute solicitors

Neighbour Disputes

Whether your dispute is regarding noisy neighbours, boundaries or blocked access, our Chester based neighbour dispute solicitors have the expertise to resolve your dispute in a swift and amicable manner.

Neighbour disputes can arise from various situations and can be distressing for those involved. Our neighbour dispute lawyers are dedicated in finding the most suitable and cost effective solution to your situation.

It is always best to try and resolve any issues directly with your neighbour and more often than not, a friendlier approach and being prepared to negotiate can frequently solve issues quickly.

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Neighbour Dispute Solicitors: Specialists in What We Do

However, when things become more protracted and serious, seeking specialist neighbour legal advice may be the best step.

We can assist you with resolving these issues through negotiation, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) including mediation, adjudication and claims before the court.

Areas of specialism

  • Blocked access, pathways and parking
  • Boundary and fence disputes
  • Nuisance neighbours
  • Tree and hedge disputes
  • Building and construction disputes
  • Breach of covenant
  • Rights of way

If you have a legal dispute, we will explain the strength and weaknesses of your case and of any risks involved.

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How our neighbour dispute solicitors can help

We aim to ensure your interests are always protected whilst achieving what is the most cost-effective and fair outcome.

If court can be avoided, negotiation will be the best solution. However if matters cannot be settled through this route, we will be tenacious throughout litigation and make sure the best outcome is achieved.

If you require advice from one of our neighbour dispute solicitors, call us now  on 01244 506 444 to arrange a 30-minute appointment at a fixed fee of £100.00 inc. (VAT). Neighbour disputes are excluded from our free 20 minute consultation offer.

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