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Get the right settlement agreement from your employer

Settlement Agreement Solicitors

On the lookout for a reliable, professional, and experienced settlement agreement solicitor?

Regardless of whether you require expert settlement agreement advice as an employer or you’ve been offered a settlement agreement by your employer, the specialist settlement agreement solicitors at Freeman Jones Solicitors can help.

We have years of invaluable experience supporting and advising both employers and employees on all matters relating to settlement agreements.

From negotiating the terms of the agreement to translating complex legal jargon, our settlement agreement lawyers are on hand to clear the confusion.

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Settlement Agreement FAQ's

  • For employers, settlement agreement services can cost anywhere between £200-£1,500 + VAT depending on which services are required and whether you opt for a fixed or hourly rate. Typically, the employer will also pay for solicitor settlement agreement advice given the employee, too.

  • Yes, a settlement agreement isn’t valid if the employee hasn’t received advice from a qualified settlement agreement solicitor.

  • Alongside providing the employee with essential advice, a settlement agreement also needs to be certified by a solicitor or another kind of legal advisor to ensure the contract is legally binding.

  • Most employers will pay for their employees to receive independent legal advice. In some cases, employees may be asked to pay a small contribution towards these fees by their employer.

  • Every settlement agreement is dependent on the reason for the settlement. Most employers will offer greater compensation if they’re eager to avoid a damaging, expensive, and time-consuming tribunal.

    Typically, however, in cases of compensation for employment termination, it’s fair for employees to request two to six months gross salary alongside any additional payments such as holiday and notice period pay.

  • If you’re happy with the proposed settlement agreement, it can take just days to conclude the matter. However, if you’re not happy with the terms, renegotiation can take weeks before an agreement is reached.

  • Many parts of a settlement agreement are included to protect the employer (such as confidentiality clauses). However, an agreed reference is another useful clause that many employees like to add to benefit themselves. An employment lawyer settlement agreement can provide both parties with essential legal support to ensure a mutually-agreeable settlement is reached.

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