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No will probate: What to do if there is no will? The process of probate is is conducted after a person dies. Their property, money, financial affairs and possessions [...] Read more
Lasting Power of Attorney, Probate, Wills
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What Is Probate And How Does It Work? Interested in knowing more about probate, the costs associated with probate and how to get one? [...] Read more
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How To Obtain A Grant Of Probate The law and procedures around probate can be confusing. Keep on reading to get answers to [...] Read more
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Specialist Inheritance Claims Chester Chester inheritance dispute solicitors, Freeman Jones Solicitors, update you on limitation periods and “standstill agreements” for [...] Read more
Litigation, Probate, Wills
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Make a Will. It’s inexpensive and easy. Many of the population still do not have Wills which is surprising given that most Wills [...] Read more
Probate, Wills
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