Employment Tribunal Solicitors

Our employment solicitors understand that disputes with your employer are hard to deal with.  If you feel that you have exhausted all other means of resolution, whether it concerns a grievance or disciplinary issue, then the next step is to have the dispute heard before an employment tribunal.

The employment tribunal solicitors at Freeman Jones can provide expert advice on every stage of the legal process and represent you before the tribunal, to ensure that you secure the right decision.

 Employment claims heard by Employment Tribunals?

  1. Unfair dismissal;
  2. Wrongful Dismissal;
  3. Constructive Dismissal (where the employee resigns due to employer breaching the contract);
  4. Redundancy;
  5. Failure to follow correct procedure during the disciplinary or grievance process (such as not allowing the employee to be accompanied by a colleague / representative at a hearing;
  6. Sex discrimination;
  7. Equal pay claims;
  8. Race Discrimination;
  9. Discrimination on the grounds of race, age, sex, sexual orientation, religious belief, physical or mental disability;
  10. All other types of discrimination;
  11. Victimisation claims;
  12. Whistle blowing claims.

An employment tribunal claim should only be necessary when all other resolution methods have been tried and proven unsuccessful.

What is an Employment Tribunal?

Employment tribunals are independent judicial bodies with the power to resolve disputes over employment rights. Tribunal proceedings are not as formal as courts but the decisions they make are legally binding.  Our employment lawyers can assist you will all aspects employment tribunal proceedings.

Time limits on Employment Tribunal Claims?

Usually you must apply to the employment tribunal claim within three months of the date that your employment ended or the incident complained of occurred.

In exceptional circumstances, the employment tribunal may  accept claims outside this time frame.

If you would like to discuss an employment dispute further, then why not contact one of our employment lawyers today for a free initial consultation,