Are nieces and nephews entitled to inheritance?

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If your aunt or uncle has recently passed, you may be wondering whether you’re entitled to inherit anything from their estate based on the UK inheritance laws.

Below, the experienced inheritance solicitors at Freeman Jones Solicitors explain the various circumstances under which nieces and nephews can inherit in the UK.

What are the inheritance rights of nieces and nephews in the UK?

In the UK, we have something called testamentary freedom which simply means that an individual can leave their estate (money, possessions, property) to whomever they choose. As a result, no one, including nieces and nephews, is automatically entitled to inheritance in the UK.

However, a niece or nephew of the deceased can be left everything (or a share of the estate) if these wishes are clearly stated in the deceased’s will. Similarly, nieces and nephews may also be entitled to inherit under the rules of intestacy – a set of rules applied when someone passes without a valid will.

According to the rules of intestacy, nieces and nephews can inherit in equal shares if there are no surviving parents and no surviving brothers or sisters of the deceased. This mean instead of the deceased’s brothers and sisters inheriting their share of the deceased’s estate, their children will inherit.

However, if the niece or nephew was ‘financially dependent’ upon the deceased, but the deceased didn’t make suitable provision for them in their will, then the niece or nephew could make an Inheritance Act claim to receive a share of the deceased’s estate.

If you’re unsure whether you’re entitled to inheritance from your deceased aunt or uncle’s estate or believe you’re entitled to a share that you’ve not received, it’s worth discussing your concerns with an experienced inheritance solicitor, like Freeman Jones Solicitors.

We can work with the executors, creditors, and beneficiaries of a will to ensure the deceased’s wishes have been properly executed.

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