What are Separation Agreements?

If you have been married or in a civil partnership and have stopped living together but do not want to legally end the marriage or civil partnership or if you have been living together (unmarried) or in a civil partnership and have split up it can be a good idea to have a separation agreement drawn up to reflect the terms of any agreement reached between you.

A Separation Agreement is legally binding and can cover division of finances, deal with possessions, bank accounts, loans and even arrangements about children. If later, one party refuses to keep to their side of the agreement, a separation agreement has the benefit of being able to be enforced through the Courts as essentially failing to follow the agreement is treated a breach of contract and remedies can be sought such a compensation for loss, payment of legal fees and forcing the other party to comply with their side of the agreement.

In short it is a written legally agreement and can avoid many disagreements and disputes later on and importantly separation agreements provide certainty for both parties because one party cannot later simply change their minds.

Lots of people choose separation agreements to record the terms of their settlement as a cheaper alternative to going to court especially as they are equally as effective.

What if things change?

Provided both parties agree, if things change it is relatively straightforward to amend and alter the separation agreement. If you or your former partner do not agree to any proposed changes (by the other) the original agreement remains in place.

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Freeman Jones Solicitors are based in Chester and we provide specialist legal advice in the drafting of separation agreements.
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In many cases we anticipate being in a position to draft a separation agreement for a fixed fee of £480.00 inclusive of VAT.  We can confirm if you fall into this category following a free 30 minutes consultation with you.

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