Is a limited company protected during divorce?

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Do you own a limited company? Or maybe your spouse is the founder of one.

Whatever your circumstances, it’s only natural to be concerned about the degree of legal protection a limited company has if you’re going through (or are expecting to go through) a divorce.

Fortunately, the expert team of divorce solicitors here at Freeman Jones Legal is on hand to help clear the confusion.

Below, we answer your limited company-related divorce enquiries to prepare you for every eventuality.

Is a UK limited company protected from divorce?

Is a limited company protected from divorce? No, a limited company is typically not protected from divorce in the UK.

That is because its revenue is likely to have provided your household with income.

Given the assets and income of both parties are taken into consideration in UK divorce, these shares are likely to be viewed as a matrimonial asset and split appropriately between the parties.

Will divorce force you to sell a limited company?

In many cases, a UK court will not view the selling of a limited company as the best option during divorce – especially if it provides you with a significant income.

Instead of ordering you to sell the business and/or shares, a court may order a percentage of shares to be transferred to your spouse or exchange your ownership of the limited company for another matrimonial asset.

As a result, while you may not be forced to sell the limited company, you may be required to make your spouse a stakeholder, giving them more control over the business.

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