Selling a house during a divorce

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Considering selling your house during divorce in the UK?

If you’re concerned about divorce and selling the house, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Freeman Jones Legal, we call on years of experience offering unparalleled legal support and advice to help our clients achieve a fair financial settlement.

Do I have to sell my house in a divorce UK?

No, you do not have to sell your house in a divorce in the UK if the property is only in your name. You can continue to live in the property unless you receive a court order, or make an agreement with your spouse to act otherwise.

However, it’s important to bear in mind that even in this instance, your spouse has matrimonial home rights.

If registered for these rights, they will be able to remain living within the property. Once the marriage has come to an end and you’ve received your decree absolute, your spouse’s matrimonial home rights end.

What happens when selling a house during a divorce?

When selling the house in divorce in the UK, there are many options you can take. You can either both agree to sell the house and move out, with any money raised being split appropriately between the two parties.

Or, one party can buy the other out (effectively selling their share of the property to their spouse).

Ultimately, every divorcing couple, and the way in which they want to split their assets, is unique. The best way to determine when, and how, the matrimonial house should be sold is often through mediation and negotiation.

Is it better to sell a house before divorce instead of during?

In some cases, selling your house before divorce in the UK can be a wise move.

This is because a pre-divorce house sale allows for an easier split of assets, helping to prevent disagreements, stress, and making the process much faster.

Receive expert financial settlement support

Considering selling your house following or during a divorce? Contact the expert divorce solicitors here at Freeman Jones Legal to receive personal legal advice regarding your financial divorce settlement.

If you feel bombarded with legal jargon, are only being offered vague or unhelpful answers to your divorce settlement enquiries, or want to avoid making this potentially stressful situation more taxing, we can help.

Our team possesses years of invaluable collective experience in helping divorcing couples reach a fair settlement using a variety of methods, including mediation, skilled negotiation, dispute resolution, and even court action if necessary.

To discuss your divorce settlement preferences with a member of our team, feel free to pay a visit to one of our offices in Wrexham, Liverpool, Warrington, or North Wales.

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