Is it better to get the house or the pension in a divorce?

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Understanding the value of your matrimonial assets can be difficult – especially when it comes to pensions.

Fortunately, the expert solicitors at Freeman Jones Legal have helped countless divorcing couples to realise the value of their property and pensions, helping them to reach a fair financial divorce settlement.

Simply carry on reading to discover whether it’s best to opt for the house or pension in divorce.

House or pension in divorce?

Instead of immediately opting for the property (that you likely know the value of), it’s vital that you seek professional legal advice regarding pensions too. This is because many pension arrangements exist and are often overlooked – especially if you aren’t the primary financial provider for the household.

In some cases, both pensions may be of equal value, subsequently, dividing them may be unnecessary. However, if you’ve chosen to not work and instead raise the children while your partner works, it’s likely your pension will be significantly less valuable compared to your spouse’s.

In these cases, it’s worth finding out more about your ex-spouse’s pension arrangement. You may not even need to decide between the house or pension in divorce. Instead, you could find a way to share the value of both matrimonial assets – if both parties agree to these terms or this arrangement is mandated after a court hearing.

Ultimately, every divorce case is unique and UK courts will take into account a wide range of factors when dividing assets.

Why you should think carefully about your divorce settlement

According to Interactive Investor and the findings from their Great British Retirement Survey, divorce was the second biggest cause of retirement plans derailing, closely following personal illness in 2020. More alarmingly, 57 per cent of surveyed divorced respondents said they did not discuss pensions at all.

Without discussing your pensions with your ex-partner or your legal team, you may be sacrificing the quality of your retirement in later life by choosing the property instead.

While property may be the obvious choice in many divorce cases, it’s recommended you discuss all your financial settlement options with an expert legal solicitor first.

Debating divorce? Contact Freeman Jones Legal

Still unsure whether it’s best for you to get the house or pension in divorce?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experienced divorce solicitors at Freeman Jones Legal today. With years of experience providing clients with essential legal advice, we aim to help make this turbulent time as manageable as possible.

Capable of expertly handling arranging everything from the drafting of child custody agreements to financial divorce settlements, you can rest assured we’ll be able to provide you with the relevant legal support.

Offering dispute resolution, mediation, skilled negotiation, and even court action, if necessary, we can help you to determine whether it’s best to ask for the house or pension in divorce.

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