Should I make a counter offer to a settlement agreement?

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If you’ve been presented with a settlement agreement and believe the contract is either unfair or unfavourable, it makes sense not to automatically agree to these terms, but can (and should!) you make a settlement agreement counter offer?

Fortunately, the team of experienced settlement agreement solicitors at Freeman Jones can help you to determine whether making a counter offer is the right choice for your circumstances. Simply carry on reading to find out more!

Should you counter offer a settlement agreement?

Regardless of whether you’re already considering making a settlement agreement counter offer to or are keen to accept your employer’s first offer, it’s always recommended that you seek legal advice from an experienced solicitor as soon as possible.

Not only can a solicitor help you fully understand complicated legal terms and the full implications of accepting the agreement as it stands, but they can also advise you as to whether you’re getting a fair or even favourable deal.

By reviewing the agreement, your solicitor should be able to advise whether accepting the agreement as it is or negotiating better terms with a counter offer is the best route forward for you. While it’s not unusual for an employee to accept the first settlement agreement, a counter offer can help you to achieve more agreeable terms.

Ultimately, there’s no harm in making a counter offer, especially as it can help both you and your employer to avoid going to Employment Tribunal, but you don’t want to offend your employer and strain your professional relationship if they’ve already offered you a generous settlement agreement.

Obtaining expert guidance from a solicitor can therefore help you to decide whether making a settlement agreement counter offer is the right course of action.

Professional settlement agreement support

Considering making a settlement agreement counter offer to your employer? If you’re eager to come to a more desirable settlement agreement for yourself, then please don’t hesitate to contact the experienced team of solicitors here at Freeman Jones Solicitors.

While we offer a wide range of legal services specifically for businesses, our settlement agreement services are essential for both employers and employees alike. Regardless of whether you require an experienced solicitor to negotiate on your behalf or provide you with vital guidance, our professional team want to hear how we can help you.

We can support you with everything from translating the legal jargon in important clauses to ensuring you understand the implications of agreeing to the specific settlement agreement offer in front of you. Keen to pay our knowledgeable team of settlement agreement solicitors a visit?

Fortunately, we’ve opened Freeman Jones Solicitor offices across the UK, including in prime locations like Chester, Liverpool, Warrington, and Wrexham.

If you’d like to learn more about our settlement agreement services, please feel free to either schedule an in-person visit to one of our offices or suggest an alternative meeting place where our team can meet you to discuss your requirements.

Alternatively, you can get in touch instantly (and for free!) by giving us a call on 01244 506 444, sending your enquiry via email to, or using our handy online contact form.

After reaching out about your settlement agreement counter offer enquiry, we’ll be sure to arrange your free, no-obligation, 20-minute consultation at a time and place that works for you.

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