Why Divorce Day 2020 Will Be Eclipsed

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Many top solicitors have declared that divorces will reach unprecedented levels in 2020 after the self isolation periods of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Divorce Day in 2020 was 6th January but due to the intense nature of the virus, it is said that the week after the pandemic is controlled and self isolation periods are stopped will completely eclipse it.

What is Divorce Day and Why Will it be Eclipsed?

Solicitors specialising in divorce and family law commonly refer to the first day back after the Christmas holidays as ‘Divorce Day’, which in 2020 was the 6th January. Divorces are said to peak at this time due to the togetherness of the holiday season. This intense family time often highlights the strengths in relationships but unfortunately can also expose the weaknesses. With no work to keep someone occupied, long periods together can be tough.

Specialist divorce solicitor, Colin Freeman from Freeman Jones Solicitors, says: “We always see a rise in divorces after the Christmas period and this January was no different but when it happens, I suspect it will be nothing compared to the week after the threat of coronavirus subsides. When you mix the self isolation, being in the same building as someone for a prolonged amount of time, with the sheer pressure and magnitude of this awful, deadly virus, you will inevitably see relationships break and consequently divorces rise. We have a responsibility to ensure that couples understand that divorce is the last resort and ensure that the  divorce process is followed.”

According to the Office of National Statistics, divorce rates dropped 10.6% in 2019, when compared to the previous year and divorces were at their lowest rate since 1971. Mr Freeman continues, “Divorce rates year-on-year had actually started to drop but I suspect that is more to do with less people actually getting married and more cohabiting relationships. It would be interesting to combine the divorce rates with cohabiting disputes, particularly after this terrible time. On a more positive note, it is also very likely that there will be a baby boom due to the same isolation restrictions.”

If your relationship or the relationship of a loved one is effected by the self isolation periods, please feel free to contact our divorce solicitors for a free, no obligation 30 minute phone consultation.

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Colin qualified as a solicitor in 1998. He specialises predominantly in family law, litigation / dispute resolution, wills, probate and settlement agreements and has notable cases reported in the Court of Appeal and High Court.
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