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Choosing the right family law solicitors for your divorce or any other aspect of family law is essential.
As leading family law solicitors in Chester, we pride ourselves in listening carefully and then providing you with the best advice for your circumstances.

We understand that many disagreements and issues can arise during a divorce.  Common examples are money disputes, child care arrangements, maintenance provisions, pension sharing and sharing/selling your home.

Freeman Jones Solicitors in Chester, can provide specialist legal advice to help guide you through the divorce process and resolve these issues.

There are many things to consider when starting divorce proceedings and so it is important to understand the process.  You will also need to deal with the financial side of the divorce which involves dividing the assets and liabilities of the marriage.  In many cases the children are also of paramount importance. Each of these areas can be complex but are almost unavoidable during divorce proceedings.

As leading family solicitors in Chester we have specialist divorce solicitors that can advise you with all of these issues..   Although it is true that divorce and children do not combine well, a non-confrontational and constructive approach to the divorce reduces the impact on children, and is often the best and cheapest way of resolving the issues between the parties.

Where possible, we try and encourage out-of-court solutions and will give you the advice to enable this to happen.

However rest assured, as experienced family law solicitors we will fight for your share of the marriage assets, whether your personal situation is relatively simple or highly complex involving substantial property, pensions and business interests.

Common misconceptions about divorce.

There are many popular misconceptions about divorce proceedings.

Here are some of the most common ones:-

This is untrue, you and your partner must have been married for a year or more to start divorce proceedings.  However, if you believe that your marriage should never have been a legal marriage, the court can ‘annul’ it, meaning that legally, the marriage never happened.
This is incorrect as many clients want an amicable divorce and manage to achieve this. Defended divorces are relatively infrequent.
This is untrue. Unless you and your partner have lived apart for over two years, all divorce settlements have to be based on either unreasonable behaviour or adultery, the most common being unreasonable behaviour.
This is incorrect, if one party begins a physical relationship with another person before the decree absolute has been pronounced, they are committing adultery.
Although this is the most common agreement, this is not always the case. If both parents have an equal position in caring for the children, then no presumption would be made in favour of the mother of the children.
There isn’t a common law spouse, no automatic rights are acquired when an un-married couple are cohabitating.

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